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Frequently Asked Questions About EMV

Greetings customer,


First FarmBank is pleased to begin the transition from magnetic strip debit cards to EMV “chip” cards. Chip cards provide an added layer of security that helps prevent fraud and counterfeit cards by using an embedded microchip that creates a unique one-time-use code for each transaction.


As a result of the chip technology, PIN numbers are stored on the chip rather than the magnetic strip. As such, we are implementing a system that will allow you to change your PIN number over the phone rather than having to travel to a branch.  


What does this mean for me?

As of July 31, your PIN number will no longer be accurate. If the retailer does not require a PIN number to complete your transaction, your debit card will continue to work. If they do, your card will decline until a PIN number is issued.


Depending on your card, you may be asked to choose Option 1 or Option 2 when you call in. If given the opportunity, please


Action required:

Please call 1-800-992-3808 to set and confirm a new PIN number.


To ensure your privacy and security, First FarmBank staff do not have access to your PIN number at any time. If you have not yet received a chip card, you will be issued one after your existing card expires. If you would like to request a chip card now, you may do so by stopping by or calling your local branch.



If you have any issues or wish for any of our hometown bankers to assist you, please call your local branch or the main line at 970-346-7900. We thank you again for being a First FarmBank customer!


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