12 Savings Tips for 2024


Create a Budget

  • Whether you download a budget tracker app or write in a notebook, creating a budget is a great way to start saving money. Write down your income and expenses and set realistic goals for the month.

Review Online Banking

  • Online Banking is a great tool to track your spending and review your balance. It allows you to see your account without having to go to a branch or waiting for your statement in the mail. Sign up for online banking today!

Plan Meals

  • When you plan for meals, you are able to make a grocery list and avoid costly bills while eating out during the week.

Set Spending Rules

  • To maintain a healthy balance of saving and spending, build a "fun money" category into your monthly budget. This will help you make less impulsive purchases.

Setup Auto Transfers

  • Setup an automatic transfer through Online Banking on paydays to help achieve your savings goals.

Buy in Bulk

  • Buying food and household supplies in bulk can help you save money. This might be a small savings but if you use that item regularly, the pennies add up fast!

Open a Forever Account

  • Open a Forever Account at First FarmBank and earn interest on your money! Save your interest earnings for a rainy day.

Pack Lunch

  • Packing your lunch is a great way to save money. It gives you the opportunity to eat those leftovers and avoid fast food stops.

Review Subscriptions

  • Review your subscriptions. You may find a subscription that you are still paying for but no longer using.

Open a Certificate of Deposit

  • CD's can be a good way to save money that you don't plan on using right away. Choose a term and earn interest on your money!

Stick to a Grocery List

  • Say goodbye to impulsive buys by sticking to your grocery list! Knowing what groceries you need for the week will help you waste less food and save more money.

Sign up for uChoose Rewards®

  • Sign up for uChoose Rewards to start earning rewards points by using your First FarmBank debit card! Save your points and redeem for cash back later.

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