Contactless Debit Cards


Just tap and pay then get on your way! 

With Contactless Debit Cards, a simple and secure tap is all it takes to pay for things you need!* It's secure, convenient and touch-free. 

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 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I know if my card can make contactless payments? If your card features the contactless indicator, you can use it to tap and pay whenever you see the contactless symbol. 
  2. How do I tap to pay? First, check for the contactless symbol on the payment terminal. When prompted, bring your card within two inches of the contactless symbol. Depending on the terminal, you may need to tap on, above or below the screen. Hold your card there until your payment is confirmed. Payment is typically securely processed within seconds. 
  3. Can I still insert or swipe my contactless card? Yes! If a terminal doesn't accept contactless cards, you can still insert or swipe your card.
  4. Are Contactless Card payments secure? Yes! Each payment generates a transaction-specific, one-time code. This is extremely effective in reducing counterfeit fraud. 
  5. Why is the cardholder information printed on the back of the debit card? To help keep your information hidden from onlookers, our Contactless Cards display your cardholder information on the back of the card.

Card Designs:




Rustic Farmhouse


Mountain Wildflowers

 Contactless_Mtn Wildflowers

Ag-Preciation (benefits the Colorado FFA Foundation**)


Debit Card Photo Credit: Taylor Martinson, West Grand FFA Chapter

*A $15 card replacement fee may be assessed for a lost debit card.

**No purchase necessary. First FarmBank will make a one-time donation of $25 for each new Ag-Preciation debit card that is ordered. $2,000 maximum annual donation. First FarmBank reserves the right to modify, suspend or cancel the program at any time without notice. A $15 card replacement fee may be assessed for a lost debit card.


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